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Sea Otter Savvy

Sea Otter Science And Community Outreach

Sea Otter Savvy strives to foster community awareness and involvement to reduce human-caused disturbance to sea otters and promote responsible wildlife viewing. 

The beautiful central California coast offers both excellent opportunities for human ocean recreation activities and optimal habitat for sea otters. When the favorite places of both humans and sea otters overlap, interactions between them are inevitable. These interactions can be positive (harmonious for both human and sea otter) or negative (disturbance to sea otters and/or injury to human). As both human and sea otter populations grow, interactions – including disturbance – inevitably increase. One of the first steps toward mitigating negative impacts of these interactions is for humans to recognize the power of their behavioral choices to help or harm. 

We at Sea Otter Savvy believe that most disturbance to sea otters is unintentional, motivated not by the intent to do harm but by lack of awareness. Essential to preventing disturbance before it occurs is an understanding of the unique vulnerability of sea otters and the importance of a healthy sea otter population to our coastal ecosystem. Through research, outreach, and education, we hope to increase awareness of the importance of protecting sea otters as part of our coastal community, and inspire everyone sharing the coastal environment with sea otters to adopt responsible viewing guidelines and share them with others.

Together we can create a “sea otter savvy” community promoting responsible wildlife viewing, awareness of the effect our behavior can have on sea otters and other wildlife, and a safer, healthier coastal environment for all of us, otter and human alike. Be sea otter savvy and YOU can make a difference! 

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Click to watch a video about the CA Sea Otter Fund!Click the image above to watch a video about the CA Sea Otter Fund!

Latest From Sea Otter Savvy

Carve a Sea Otter Jack-o-Lantern

Carve a Sea Otter Savvy Jack-o-Lantern!


These spooky otters see you! Who are some of the scariest monsters in the sea otter's world? Us! 

Have fun and make your own spooky sea otter pumpkin with our Spooky Sea Otter Pumkin Carving Template

Share all of your spooky sea otter pumpkins with us  @seaottersavvy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Make, share, and tag us in your otter pumpkin carving video or post and win a "Respect the nap" sticker! 

Download and print the Spooky Sea Otter template here, and follow the instructions below. See more We Were Here artwork by our own Heather Barrett and learn about the past, present, and future recovery of sea otters on our We Were Here page

Note: this template is challenging, but you can encourage young ones to draw, color in, or paint their pumpkin. You can also find a less advanced carving template with our friends at The Marine Mammal Center. Or, create your own design!

Have a savvy Halloween!

pumpkin 1Step 1: Print out the image to your preferred sizing (large pumpkin recommended) and gather your carving tools (kits can be found and most grocery stores).

Step 2: Prep your pumpkin (cut the top and scoop out the insides).



pumpkin 2Step 3: Cut the corners of the template and tape to your pumpkin, adjusting accordingly as it may not lay perfectly. 

Step 4: Poke holes through the template into the pumkin with a nail or pick, following the template.

pumpkin 3



Step 5: Use your carving knife and follow along connecting the dots where you have punched through.

Step 6: Carefully remove the sections colored in light grey.

pumpkin 4


For the grey lines on the pup’s face, whiskers, and side – these are optional – you can choose to cut through, or you can scrape off just enough to create the detail, or you can draw/paint them on. 

Trick or Treat!