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Sea Otter Savvy

Sea Otter Science And Community Outreach

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sea Otter Savvy!

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On August 15, 2015 Sea Otter Savvy came to life! Our roots are nourished by our origin within the Southern Sea Otter Research Alliance, including the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Friends of the Sea Otter. Those agencies and organizations that provided the initial boost we needed continue their support today and we have made many new friends and partners! Today we celebrate our 3rd birthday and share with you our pride in what we've accomplished and our enthusiasm for the future!

Here are some of the highlights from our last three years:

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 Sea Otter Savvy teamed up with Eyes on Conservation and Wild Lens to create an informational video to help educate coastal visitors on the etiquette of Sharing Space with Sea Otters.

Sea Otter Savvy partnered with Wild Lens, Eyes on Conservation and the conservation musicians the Whizpops to create a fun animated music video that educates about sea otter natural history and how humans should respect this protected marine mammal.




Learn how you can become part of the Sea Otter Savvy in the Classroom team



Learn more about how and why sea otters are at risk on coastal roads.


Learn how a diverse group worked together to safeguard a tiny beach in Moss Landing for shore-napping sea otters (and many other species).


Read more about the Central California Coastal Wildlife Disturbance Symposia


Are you a rhyme-smith? Keep an eye out for 2019's limerick contest! Read more about our 2017 contest.

Coming soon: Morro Bay "Dive In" panels and diver guides

Sea Otter Savvy has joined forces with California State Parks, Seabird Protection Network-Pt. Sur to Pt. Mugu Chapter, and Morro Bay National Estuary Program to create informational panels for divers in Morro Bay at popular marine recreation access points at Target Rock and Coleman Beach. 

These beautiful AND educational panels will be going up soon!

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Sea Otter Savvy is more than just our staff and volunteers! We are all the organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals who work together to protect our wildlife neighbors. Together we are making California's Central Coast a place where everyone can observe and enjoy wildlife respectfully and responsibly. We at Sea Otter Savvy are looking forward to many more years!

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