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Rhyme and Design: Limerick Contest 2020

One of the winning limericks from 2018 in use at the Moss Landing boat launchOne of the winning limericks from 2018 in use at the Moss Landing boat launch

Calling all rhymsters and doodlers! It's time for a fresh batch of limericks in Moss Landing!  Are you clever with a rhyme and meter? Do you want to spread awareness (with a giggle) about the sea otters of Moss Landing? Sea Otter Savvy is hosting our second contest for the best limerick to feature guidelines for savvy paddling in Moss Landing Harbor and Elkhorn Slough. This year, we will be adding a second element to the contest: contestents may submit a limerick or a cartoon (or both)! With the support of the Moss Landing Harbor District and the Community Active Wildlife Stewards,  we will be freshening up  our launch-point info-graphics reminding paddlers to observe the following guidelines for keeping both sea otters and humans safe:

  • Always stay at least 5 kayak lengths from sea otters
  • Disturbing sea otters is harmful and violates federal laws
  • Please leave the closed beach opposite the boat launch people-free
  • Avoid sea otters that approach you. They may bite!

Winning limericks and cartoons will best embody the above guidelines. To facilitate creativity and insure clarity, the guidelines are included as written above at the bottom of the final sign. While risqué limericks may entertain the judges, they will not be considered for the contest. A panel of Sea Otter Savvy advisors and partners will review and choose three winners. Each winning limerick will be featured on three signs to be placed at key watercraft access points in the North Harbor. Entries must be received by midnight Earth Day, April 18, 2020 to be considered. Get out and rhyme!

Submission Instructions:

Cartoons should be simple, neat, and limited to four colors. Submit your entry through Sea Otter Savvy’s Facebook Messenger as a jpeg, or via email to with “Sea Otter Savvy Limerick Contest” in the subject line.

Limericks should be submitted through Sea Otter Savvy’s Facebook Messenger as text, or via email to with “Sea Otter Savvy Limerick Contest” in the subject line. A limerick is a poetic form composed of one stanza with five lines and a rhyme scheme of “AABBA” that usually is humorous. Here’s one of our winning entries from the last contest as an example:

Don’t paddle too close while we’re searchin’

For a crab or a tasty sea urchin.

Don’t land on our beach,

and stay well out of reach,

Or you’ll frighten us into submergin’

By Laura Crowley


Note: Sea Otter Savvy reserves the right to refuse contest participation to anyone submitting inappropriate or offensive limericks or artwork. In the event none of the cartoon entries are deemed suitable for use on these public signs, we reserve the right to use alternative artwork.