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Limerick Contest Winners!

limerick winners 400x261 2First place winning Limerick by Laura Horton

In honor of Sea Otter Awareness Week and National Poetry Day, we are pleased to announce the winners of our Limerick Rhyme-fest! The top three winners received the highest scores from our Sea Otter Savvy judges. All three winning Limericks will be featured on new signs that will be installed at marine recreation access points in Moss Landing Harbor early next year. These Limericks were clever, adhered best to the meter and rhyme form of a Limerick, and conveyed the key guidelines as outlined in the instructions. We received over 60 entries and had a lot of fun reading all of them. A hearty giggle and a "Well done!" to all participants!

We are planning to make this contest an annual event, with new winning Limericks selected to keep the signs fresh and anticipation keen. Start thinking up your rhymes for next year!

Here are the winners. Enjoy!

First Place, by Laura Horton

Don’t paddle too close while we’re searchin’

For a crab or a tasty sea urchin.

Don’t land on our beach,

And stay well out of reach,

Or you’ll frighten us into submergin’.


Second Place, by Josh Silberg

When you’re out enjoying the water

Beware the inquisitive otter.

They might take a bite

Though not out of spite

Some just get more close than they ought'er


Third Place, Amanda Frederick

If you see sea otters at play,

Please stay a safe distance away.

No matter the cuteness

Please practice astuteness,

And don't to the Jetty Beach stray


Here are a few of our favorite Runners Up:

By Kyle Reynolds-

If you value your flesh you'll concede,

That our laws are for you to take heed,

Because otters get pissed

When you're up in their midst

And they know how to make paddlers bleed.


By Armen Varteressian-

If your family's out for a day

On the beautiful Monterey Bay

Tell your sons and your daughters

"Don't bother the otters -

They could hurt you just thinking it's play."


On otters and ferrets, and stoats

There are furry and fabulous coats

But while ferrets are pets

And stoats are no threat

It’s the otters who’ll chew up your boat

By Roxanne Varteressian Joe- 

There once was an otter named Jason,

And we know it’s tempting to chase him.

But please stay away,

Let him swim, dive and play.

Never get so close that you face him!