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Sea Otter Savvy

Sea Otter Science And Community Outreach

I Pledge to Be Sea Otter Savvy

    • I pledge to observe wild sea otters with respect for their spatial needs.
    • I pledge to remain sensitive to sea otter behavior in response to my presence.
    • I pledge to increase my knowledge of sea otter behavior, biology, and conservation issues so that I may be an informed advocate for their protection.
    • I pledge to leave sea otter habitats cleaner than I found them.
    • I pledge to be a role model Sea Otter Savvy behavior whenever I am kayaking, paddleboarding, beach walking, scuba diving, observing, or photographing in the sea otters’ home.
    • I pledge to be an active community steward by supporting sea otter protection and conservation measures.
    • I pledge to apply my sea otter savvy when posting, liking, or sharing sea otter content on the internet.

To join the Sea Otter Savvy pledge and recieve your badge: enter your name, email, and subscribe to our newsletter (optional) to learn more tips on how you can fullfill your pledge. Your information will not be shared.

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